How to submit the application for registration of marriage to the REGISTRY OFFICE

How to submit the application for registration of marriage to the REGISTRY OFFICE

Before two loving people have an opportunity to cast in the lot, having legalized the relations, they should undergo some official procedures preceding it. One of the most significant is filing of application in the REGISTRY OFFICE.

What needs to be taken

Certainly, it is necessary to take with itself the passport or other identity documents; the divorce certificate in case you were married earlier; data on temporary registration when there is a need for it. At a minority at least of one of future spouses permission to marriage from parents, trustees and local tutorship and guardianship authorities will be required. Besides, it is necessary to take the invitation to filing of application provided that in advance preliminary record for the day defined for this event was made.

Order of filing of application

The matter is regulated by the Federal Law "About Acts of Civil Status" at 24-30 articles. According to its norms, the application for registration of marriage can be submitted not earlier than in two months prior to estimated date of a solemn event, and no later than four weeks to it. If it was made in one month prior to a wedding, for the good reasons remaining on the REGISTRY OFFICE discretion, term can be prolonged, but no more than up to two months.

At loyal approach of employees of institution the preliminary record on filing of application is carried out. It is necessary in advance to choose convenient time for future marriage. You are free to address in any REGISTRY OFFICE or wedding palace in the territory of the country. Record takes place in separate institutions, including, and in electronic form. In the capital the similar innovation is relevant for the Tsaritsyno REGISTRY OFFICE and some Wedding palaces. But directly it is necessary to be present at filing of application personally. The procedure of filing of application takes place approximately according to one scenario. Future spouses fill everyone the party of the form, specifying necessary personal, passport data and details of the required documents and also append the signature the hand. In the same place will concerning change of a surname after the wedding is specified. If one of potential newlyweds has no opportunity to be present at the REGISTRY OFFICE, then it has to prepare the part of the form certified notarially in advance.

Special cases

The law provides an opportunity to paint persons interested to get married even in day of filing of application, but on certain bases. Typical of them are: long business trip, pregnancy or child's birth, threat of life of the groom or bride. Some differences as the procedure of filing of application are available, for example, provided that marriage is planned with the foreign citizen. The only essential distinction is that not each body of the REGISTRY OFFICE is authorized to make similar decisions and therefore it is necessary to study the list of the institutions suitable for your case in advance. There are features and in filing of application on registration of marriage with the person serving sentence in places of detention. Then not to do without assistance of the notary who will deliver the necessary documents to the prisoner to the signature and will certify them justly. Also it is necessary to take into account that it will be possible to address only in the REGISTRY OFFICE relating to the settlement in the location of the convict.

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