How to subordinate itself the woman

How to subordinate itself the woman

Any woman can get to fall in love, carry away, subdue and subordinate herself the man. But not in each couple or family on it the man will agree. If such situation strongly contradicts his temperament and strong nature, then he by all means will try to change current situation.


1. Show the male qualities, be persistent and persistent, do not recede if she tries to impose you the point of view. Explain that in the house there has to be the owner a man, but not the woman. Remember that the woman by the nature a weak being, and it needs a strong male shoulder which will become it a support. Even if the woman tries very much and proves that she is absolutely independent and independent, the strong man is simply necessary for her nearby.

2. Do not allow superfluous to the companion. Words – insults or actions which can offend and belittle men's advantage somehow can be superfluous. Nip in the bud such behavior. Behave properly, correspond to an image of the "real" man. The woman will not obey at all that man whom does not respect.

3. Remember how behave in the east of the man. There all women submit to men because they to them since the childhood impart such way of life. Men are resolute and courageous there. It is not necessary to copy, of course, their behavior, but it is just necessary to forget about what is "spinelessness".

4. Get it to fall in love. Make acts which will speak about much and to prove that you the good person and the real man. You give gifts, do pleasant surprises, keep the promise and do not offend her. She will not be able to resist the severe conqueror and at the same time lovely the nice fellow.

5. Remind her if you are orthodox Christians that on orthodox canons the woman has to submit implicitly to the man, obeying him in everything. If the wife contradicts the husband, so she makes a great sin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team