How to suggest the girl to live together

How to suggest the girl to live together

In process of development of the relations, rare meetings cease to be enough for young people and there is desire to see darling every day. The offer on the beginning of joint life will be a natural step.


1. Carefully learn the opinion of the girl. Lead to clear a situation and its view of cohabitation. If you well know the soulmate, it will not make special work.

2. Think over, where exactly you will live in common. If you or at your girl have own apartment, the issue will be resolved in shorter terms. Otherwise it is possible to buy/rent apartment or, as a last resort, to agree about cohabitation with parents.

3. If you have no own apartment, but there is desire to get it, it is better to consult at its choice on the girl. If you plan to live in the new house together, so she has the right to vote too. Being interested in her opinion, you will show the respect for it.

4. If there is no apartment, and purchase or will eat – too expensive, it is possible to live at first with parents. In this case it is desirable to discuss this question with scientific research institute before there is an important conversation with the girl. You as the real man, solve all problems independently, and offer then the girl already ready option.

5. Create romantic atmosphere before the offer. The girl will not be able to refuse if you are at the best. A romantic dinner, candles, flowers, a small gift in the form of a box with keys which can be presented after the touching speech about your feelings. Show how it is expensive to you and that you do not want to leave it even for the night.

6. There are also other versions of the offer, simpler. For example, a serious conversation – you meet in the apartment or cafe, discuss as it is difficult not to see every day, and then the conversation by itself will come to the offer to live together. This option perfectly will suit those who are confident in the girl and do not love difficulties.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team