How to suggest the girl to meet that she did not refuse

How to suggest the girl to meet that she did not refuse

Before suggesting the girl to meet, it is necessary to carry out small preparatory work. So your chances of a happy outcome will be much higher, and you should not endure refusal.

Stage preparatory – we know the girl better

It is ideal if you know a subject of the adoration and worship from kindergarten. In this case, it is free or involuntarily, but the main primary information on its habits, preferences, traits of character, strong and weaknesses you already have. Having such knowledge, you will be able to behave so that not to get into difficult situations.

But if the girl is almost unfamiliar to you, it is necessary to try to learn prior to the first appointment about her as much as possible. Otherwise, having decided to render on her a favorable impression and having begun to recite by heart Blok, you can get in her eyes to category of "bores" as poetry top for it is Timothy's creativity. Therefore it is worth learning its interests and preferences, then it will be much simpler to win it.

Communicate to those who well know it on work, study who communicates with it constantly. Try to find common interests, and not very well what: animals, cookery, sport or music. If you share her views, it will like to you sympathy at the subconscious level. Do not forget to learn about to what flowers she gives preference and what candies loves most of all. On the one hand, it will allow you once again pleasantly her to surprise, and with another, will not embarrass if it is not sweet at all or has an allergy to some flowers.

Stage the main – forward to a victory

Having found out about all useful information about the pleasant girl, it is possible to pass to active actions. For a start you need to enter its circle of contacts, with it you will be helped by mutual friends or similar interests. For example, register in the same circle where it goes. So you will have an opportunity to talk to it and during communication to invite to an appointment. Suggest it to walk together after a circle or to take home after the party. At this time you will be able to show it similarity of your thoughts, your originality and charm. If the first appointment took place successfully, then consolidate the achievements. Further events I can occur according to the well-known scenario: cinema, cafe, flowers, moonlight walks, etc. Ideally at your meetings there has to be surely "highlight". These are unexpected and pleasant surprises which will fascinate and will win the heart of your lady. Through 2-3 similar appointments it is possible to turn to the most important question. But directly "let speak to meet" not the best tactics. Tell it the ardent speech better as it is pleasant to you to spend time with it, and after that ask to be your girl. It is possible to rise on a knee, imitating the offer. But do not forget that not everyone will estimate such gesture and it is worth choosing option under preferences of the girl.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team