How to suggest to become the girl

How to suggest to become the girl

Love, probably, the most pleasant and unforgettable state. During this time you are ready to pull up trees. But, apparently, the simplest thing - to suggest the beloved to become your girl - it seems an impracticable task.

1. Before suggesting to become your girl, it is necessary to be prepared carefully for it, rather serious, to a conversation. Reject all doubts and fears aside. It is not necessary to be afraid to look silly or ridiculously. Express, open the heart, and you at last will understand how it concerns you. Anyway, she takes a liking to you, distinguishes from other equal competitors. Yes, it is possible, and does not flare passion, however you to it are nice. Perhaps, this step will serve as the catalyst for development of qualitatively new relations.

2. Pick up the place, suitable for a conversation. Let it will proceed in the pleasant situation disposing to positive emotions. The main thing that you could tell it about the feelings slowly, efficiently, with arrangement therefore it is desirable to do it not at an entrance and not on change between couples - in turmoil and confusion is very difficult to concentrate and aggregate the thoughts. Let it will be small cozy cafe or the square in which you walk in the evenings. It is important that you were alone.

3. Do not begin a conversation with a slang and a slang. You should not tell her words it seems "Hey, the child, and you are cool. Let's hang out together". It not only will not yield to you the necessary results, but also will frighten off the girl. She, perhaps, will think that you the light-headed and narrow-minded young man. It is better to be in advance at loss for words with which you will begin a conversation. You can be trained at home in front of the mirror. You do not pay cheap, banal compliments. Words have to go from heart, to be sincere and simple. Try to tell it what in it so attracts you and attracts what it is remarkable and unusual. You would like to see it, as often as possible. It does your life brighter and more interesting.

4. If the girl agrees to meet - perfectly, the objective is achieved, you are happy. If it is not ready to the serious relations for any reasons - you should not despair, suggest it to remain friends. Perhaps, over time she will understand as far as you the honest, kind, sincere and open person, and will look at you in a different way.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team