How to support the man

How to support the man

At first sight, men are more independent, they are stronger also nezavisimy than us, women. They ache less and complain, do not panic at the first failure, do not think out to themselves problems and have not complex. Actually, it not absolutely so, since the childhood in the boy is inspired that he should not show the emotions "as the girl", and even if it is very sick and offensive, should not cry. Of course, it is correct, but as a result emotions constantly restrain, any stress is endured much stronger.

1. We, women, are much more observant, than men therefore for you will not make big work to get that your darling, the friend or just the fellow worker is strongly upset with something and worries though continues to joke and smile. It is just that case when to you, the woman it is necessary to support the man. You should find out unostentatiously what happened to it and to offer the help.

2. Snatch the moment when you are with it alone, and nobody will prevent you. Begin a conversation with the fact that in the veiled form praise it, let know that you are located to it friendly, tell that noticed his concern and ask to tell the reason. If the refusal follows, do not insist, there is enough of fact that you the participation and desire to help, already supported it.

3. If shared a problem with you, treat the solution of a question calmly and without panic. If your husband or the friend sees your such reaction, it will help it to calm down. Listen to him, but do not begin to give unreasoned advice at once. Ask for him time for considering of a situation and an exit from it. Do not forget to tell that, for certain, he will find a solution, express confidence that he surely will manage to make it, it will support him too and will give forces.

4. Scientists found out what magically affects the man and gives him force even friendly women's touch. It at the subconscious level is connected with feeling of safety which arises at the child when mother concerns it. Perhaps, if the situation allows, it will be rather simple to touch his hand. Thereby, you kind of speak to him "I believe that you will cope".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team