How to support the person by a word

How to support the person by a word

In life of each person there are situations when support of relatives and friends is necessary. You can help something not always, but here give moral support there is an opportunity even in the most critical cases. If you want to support the friend or the acquaintance by a word, and in the head, as ill luck would have it, absolutely nothing comes, read attentively. Perhaps, in the instruction there will be information, useful to you.

1. In any situation try to look for good points. Sometimes the person is so upset or exhausted with constant experiences that on search of the light parties he just does not have forces. Try to find something positive and to encourage the acquaintance. Make of history light it can be not always appropriate therefore try to lighten the mood more accurately, but here you can contribute a certain share of optimism in a sad story. Certainly, is in situation lives in which absolutely unambiguously there is nothing good. You should not look for good points in the death of relatives or a serious illness – you will only finally spoil to the person mood and can incite it against yourself.

2. Try to avoid stamps and in advance prepared words. Standard "Accept my condolences" often sounds very affectedly and artificially. Besides, in this phrase there is nothing consolatory at all, it will only remind the person of his misfortune. Enclose the same sense in other words better, we will tell: "I am very sorry what so happened". If the situation not so gloomy and business goes about simple vital disorders, support the person by warm words and try to distract from gloomy thoughts. Sometimes just it is necessary to listen to ridiculous history from life of the friend or about old school life that at heart it became much more brighten.

3. Do not go deep into stories from the "It That, and Here at Me Was …" series. First, with problems it is always less interesting to person to listen about misadventures of others. And secondly, similar stories anger listeners more often even more, reminding of their ill-fated destiny again and again. If you want to support, tell something not connected with difficulties and a difficult life situation, and just share good news or the cheerful mood.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team