How to surprise darling for February 14

How to surprise darling for February 14

Some girls got used to the fact that they for St. Valentine's Day have to surprise and please only them – to give flowers, candies, to arrange romantic visits of restaurants and cinema. But you should not forget about men – the gift presented by the beloved? to them it is very expensive.


1. To make an original congratulation for February 14 very simply, it is necessary to dream up only a little. Try to remember, perhaps, your darling said recently that he very much wants to get some thing or to descend somewhere, and organize to him the corresponding gift surprise.

2. It is also possible to give a gift which will approach his hobbies. For example, if your beloved does some sport, get to it some accessory which he will never buy. Previously it is worth taking an interest at skilled people that should be bought.

3. You can surprise darling, having invited him to some joint extreme rest. So you will be able to congratulate him, to spend time contain and to get unforgettable feelings.

4. It is possible to order an advertizing billboard with your joint photo and the pleasant congratulatory text. In this case not to lose the main thing with the place of its placement, otherwise all your efforts will be spent for nothing. Besides, think whether your partner will estimate such gift – some men hesitate of such congratulations.

5. If you have no opportunity to spend a lot of money for a gift – it does not matter. Prepare beautiful cards on which write desires which you are ready to execute for the darling. Within a year he can give out to you by a card in exchange for the desire written on it. If you have many joint photos, make with own hands or buy a big frame in shop and make a beautiful photocollage where place photos in a chronological order that you together could remember what was earlier. Leave in a frame free space for new photos and hang up it on a foreground.

6. A game quest will help to remember former times. Think up an interesting plot and construct it so that you with darling bypassed all places expensive to you in the city, and at the end came to the place where there was your first kiss or some other pleasant moment and present to darling a gift. To organize a game, make cards which you will give in exchange for memoirs. Do not forget to develop an optimum route in advance not to be tired during walk.

7. The quest can be arranged also in the apartment if you live together. Write several notes on which your darling will be able to find a gift, and place them in different parts of the house so that, having solved one task, he could receive new. Having presented a gift thus, you will make the congratulation original and interesting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team