How to surprise darlings

How to surprise darlings

When in love there passes the rose and candy stage, it is necessary not to forget to refresh the relations with darling that joint pastime did not turn into a habit. For this purpose it is necessary to do for each other surprises. How to surprise darling?

1. Tell your expensive heart to the person about the love in different languages of the world! The offer "I love you!" write in large letters a felt-tip pen on separate stickers, in languages of all people of the planet and decorate with them walls of its room.

2. The girlfriend will be pleasantly surprised if at delivery of a gift to show originality. For this purpose take a leaf of a Whatman paper and curtail it a pipe, and fill empty space with gifts. Further buy gift paper and wrap it in a roll. Tie up the received parcel by bright tapes on each side. Here also big candy with a "tasty" stuffing turned out! To a gift will give to geniality an inscription: "Candy for my darling!"

3. If you decided to make the girl the proposal, go to salon of floristics or flower shop and order the bouquet consisting of eight live large roses and one artificial. Deep into a bouquet place a note with such words: "Only washing, I will love very much you until fall down petals from the last rose of this bouquet!"

4. When the young man does to the darling the offer, he gives her a ring. Please the bride, present her a gold ringlet in a chocolate case! From above strew a fragrant case with spangles from caramel!

5. Agree with friends with whom your girlfriend is not familiar. Buy 4-5 magnificent bouquets of flowers, hide inside love notes. Present a situation: in the evening your girl goes home from work, and throughout all way to it men approach and with a smile hand flowers!

6. In department of advertizing order the roller and pay its start at movie theater when you go from loved in the evening at cinema.

7. Beforehand agree with friends that they from different phone numbers in turn called your beloved and recited verses on love. Before recitation ask them to inhale helium. It is desirable that you were not near participants of a draw at present!

8. Ask the friends or colleagues to send to agreed time a sms to expensive heart to the person with such text: "He(she) very much loves you!". Be near the soulmate at present together to be glad to the received surprise!

9. If your partner in life leaves for a long business trip, in the last minutes before separation hand him a valuable photo album where family photos will be replaced with descriptions of the happiest moments of matrimony!

10. If the husband has anniversary or a birthday, please him with the certificate on fulfillment of desires... Be ready that it will be necessary to grant any desire of the beloved spouse!

11. Buy a massive cup or a gold medal in shop of souvenirs (naturally, not from precious metal!). Ask the master to engrave such inscription: "To the winner who won my heart!"

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