How to surprise parents

How to surprise parents

Many children would like to surprise the parents so that those could be proud of them and loved even stronger. And still in order that parents, at last, understood that their children already adult and independent. However in practice quite often it turns out exactly the opposite. How to make it kindly and in an amicable way?


1. Mother's or father's birthday already on the way? Make to them a gift with own hands. Before it surely define what actually is not enough for them (except your love and attention) or what to them could facilitate life. For example, the support can be useful to the father for safety razors or a lectern for books, and mother – tacks for pans or an apron. The most interesting, as for some reason is never enough for children, and adults handkerchiefs. Will be by the way if you cut several pieces of fabric and you will embroider on them initials of parents.

2. It is possible not to wait for a birthday and to give a gift to parents already tomorrow morning. If you have free access to their bedroom, then you can get up a little a bit earlier and bring it a breakfast in bed, having prepared it with own hand. If you are not able to prepare, visit the culinary websites of the Internet (for example,, the website especially for beginners) and find several recipes with which you could cope. You can master elements of cooking and under the leadership of the grandmother. Only you do not say to her so far that you are going to surprise parents. Let it will be a surprise and for her.

3. If you did not please mother and the father with the school progress to this day, try to be brought up in objects with which you especially are not on friendly terms. After all, several evenings spent at home with the textbook, but not in the yard with friends or in a chair at the computer are worth it not just to surprise, and to strike parents. However, then you should study well constantly and not to disappoint mother and the father, but it is useful also for you too, isn't that so?

4. The most surprising and unimaginable that you will be able to make for the parents – to clean up the room without reminders, to immediately wash for itself dishes and to sit down at lessons strictly in the appointed hour. Mother and the father already are tired at work and if they, at last, see the person who protects their forces and nerves, then, believe, they will be surprised and even very much.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team