How to surprise the favourite guy

How to surprise the favourite guy

To surprise darling when you already long time live together – a difficult task. But it is always possible to think up something such, knowing its habits and dreams. If you are not confident in something, it is possible to ask his relatives and friends whether your half has quite feasible dream. Perhaps, they will want to participate in preparation of a surprise.


1. It is possible to present it couple of tickets for a rock concert if he is an admirer of this musical direction, a soccerball, or the book which he wanted to acquire long ago.

2. Bring to it a coffee cup in bed if at you it is not accepted, or long ago did not indulge darling and wake kisses.

3. Send SMS with gentle declaration of love in broad daylight and that you are going to prove it in the evening.

4. Make to it massage in a romantic situation, you can even take several lessons from the professional massage therapist.

5. Go to studio of the Arab dance or study couple of movements of a striptease. When you show to the beloved the achievements, to his delight there will be no limit.

6. Arrange a trip to the country and allow to enjoy its favourite fishing even if you do not transfer it to spirit.

7. Release on a bachelor party, your darling and so, for certain, devotes you almost all the free time.

8. Give party of recognitions with a magic box of forfeits in which will be as the most harmless, and quite juicy questions. Pull in turn and recognize the partner from the party, new to you.

9. The romantic dinner on the rooftop will not leave it indifferent too if at the same time you employ the waiter not to worry and to strive because of change of dishes and ware. However, it is possible to manage a bottle of champagne and in couple of glasses. From it your appointment will not become worse. Yes, appointments as though you only began to meet, but you do not live together several years, are capable to introduce freshness of feelings and joy in the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team