How to surprise the girl?

How to surprise the girl?

All men have to know how to surprise the girl. At all times, the woman – the keeper of the center and just an adoration subject. And in order that you received from her heat, caress and a variety, take attentiveness and care. Let's talk how to surprise the girl that it was remembered.

How to surprise the girl without money?

When at the man money is found, it is not difficult to surprise the girl at all – to reduce in cafe, to present a gift, to order orchestra. But when on it there is no money, the man has to look for other options. Even without money it is possible to surprise the girl. There are many ways: to write the romantic poem and to read it, to bring a breakfast in bed, to reduce on the river. Even it is simple to execute its whims and wishes. To do everything that she wants, at the same time not to spend money.

How it is pleasant to surprise the girlfriend?

Present a gift as you did not do earlier. In order that liked to surprise pleasantly it is necessary to know her preferences and tastes. There are romantic natures – girls who prefer something romantic. For example, to meet dawn on the coast or to have supper by candlelight. Other girls give preference to the drive and thrills. If your girl treats the second type, then suggest it to jump with a parachute, to ride horses or to be passed by bicycle. Each girl – the individual personality preferring the same individual acts. The big soft toy or the hot bathroom with petals of roses will become quite good option.

How to surprise the girl at distance?

Even at distance it is possible to surprise the girl pleasantly. Buy a gift or a big bouquet and send the courier who will bring him directly in hands. It will be pleasant to the girl and she will be surprised. If you want to surprise very strongly the half – buy the ticket to the city where it is, and go to it personally. Only one fact that you arrived for a meeting with it - will surprise.

With what gift to surprise the girl?

Your girl needs continuous care and attention. For this reason it is necessary to surprise her with gifts as often as possible. That the gift rendered positive result and unexpected effect, do not give that she wanted recently. Buy that thing of which she dreams for a long time, but could not get in any way. Make a start from two points when choosing a gift: 1) the girl strongly wants it; 2) she should not know that you present it. If the gift is small, pack it into a huge box. So the beloved will not guess that she is inside.

Where to bring together the girl to surprise?

Today there is a set of entertainment centers, attractions, cafe and bars – it is complex to these to surprise the girlfriend. It is also heavy to pick up the right place for the 5th or 10th appointment, and it is sometimes difficult to find it also after the first. But, if you want the girl to see your love and romanticism, it is necessary to think up something extraordinary, romantic or extreme.

First of all learn to listen, for certain in the previous meetings the subjects close for both of you were touched. Perhaps, the girl told about the dreams or desires. At the expense of it you will manage to create something new and unusual. Surely make a start from preferences of your half as romantic nature will hardly like riding horses, and the extreme personality will not estimate a romantic dinner. Pick up beautiful restaurant, a way to which you will do on the plain tram. Such romantic evening she long will not forget. If your darling loves the drive, then organize her an appointment on a roof of the multi-storey building.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team