How to surprise the girl in a bed?

How to surprise the girl in a bed?

Sometimes in order that the love flashed again, once a few time spends and to think up various pleasant surprises, and they have to concern not only gifts, but also the fact that there are between you behind closed doors bedrooms. How to surprise the woman in a bed if sex became for you execution of a conjugal duty, but not passion and pleasure, any man who wants to get from the relations at most pleasures thinks.

Sex – one of those aspects of life which cannot be discussed publicly. Do not ask councils about it, it not to become a subject of discussions, and, as a rule, all problems arising in the bedroom, to have to solve most. But, it should pay attention, full sex which it gives pleasure also to you, and the partner, will make your life nasyshchenny more brightly.

With what caress it is possible to surprise the wife in a bed?

So, any sexual intercourse has to begin with a prelude. Whether there will be it long or short, depends on your mutual preferences. However if you decided to revive former passion, it is worth making the following:

  1. Remember how yours most often pass lovemaking. As a rule, over time we cease to study the partner's body, and sex to become a set of habitual actions. Therefore, remember what you usually do and in what order and change it. Always began caress with a breast? Begin a prelude with back pokusyvaniye. Act by contradiction;
  2. Attentively monitor reaction of your girl. That it is pleasant to it and that it is unusual to it. You do not hurry, allocate for caress of each zone, at least, a couple of minutes. Remember that unusual actions from some party will prevent at first your partner to relax therefore give it time to realize pleasantly or not it any given caress;
  3. Surely allow also the woman to show an initiative. It will be better if you direct it, having told or having shown as as it will be pleasant to you to feel.
  4. Talk to the girl. It does not mean that there is a need constantly something to tell, but also to be silent, constantly too is not necessary. Describe it as you want to surprise the girl in a bed that you for this purpose do. There will be quite enough couple of phrases.

Routine – here the reason that you think – I want to surprise the wife in a bed, but I do not know as. Remember when you only just began to meet, every night together was a surprise. Because you did not act on a template.

What else it is possible to surprise the girl in a bed with?

First, it can be anything, but if to look on top-5 the most desired imaginations, then it is possible to make:

  1. Sex in the unusual place of the apartment. The bathtub, kitchen, the hall – will approach everything. There is a set of poses which allow to make love also without bed, use them.
  2. Sex with use of various objects. It can be very banal setting of eyes, and maybe something absolutely already unusual, for example, an ice cube.
  3. Fast and a little hard sex, can surprise also you, and the partner. Especially, if you got used to make love long.
  4. To spend the whole day to beds. In advance be prepared for it, you should not be distracted by cooking and other household things. Take care of that to you was what to have a bite in breaks between caress.
  5. Change of time when you make love. Always did it before going to bed? Begin caress in the morning or during the lunchtime the day off.

Answering a question how to surprise the partner in a bed and to give it pleasure, it is important to understand that the better you know her desires, the it will be easier for you to make it. Do not deny advantage of a talk about sex, it helps to find a way to keep passion in the relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team