How to survive in the forest

How to survive in the forest

suddenly during a campaign on the wood you lagged behind the group or deviated a route and got lost – do not despair. After reading of this article you will know how to survive in such difficult situation. Before any campaign, by the way, it is necessary to tell relatives or friends the place to which you go.

First, it is necessary to take himself under control. Do not give to fear to seize you. Adrenaline which gets to an organism in extreme situations can zamutnit consciousness and push the person on unconscious acts. Besides, in such emotional state a lot of energy which can be useful further is spent.

It is quite good if nearby there are rivers, streams, roads or power lines. It will significantly facilitate to you search of the necessary way. If there are no such obvious reference points, then you will be helped by the following signs:

  1. On North side of stones and trunks of trees it is possible to find lichens and ant hills.
  2. In hot days at coniferous plants pitch is emitted from South side.
  3. Bark of trees on North side dark and rough, and on southern - light and elastic.
  4. On South side of big stones and stubs the grass is much more dense also drier, than on northern.
  5. As a compass it is convenient to use hours. Direct an hour hand to the sun, and the South will be on a bisector between figure 1 and an arrow.


If you go without reference point, can involuntarily start walking circles and sooner or later will return on that place where began the way. Usually it occurs in the evening therefore it is better to wait for morning when more or less significant reference points are visible. If you are strongly disoriented, try to listen. Late evening in the forest it is possible to catch sounds of cars and trains at distance to ten kilometers.

It is a little about food in the forest. If you definitely do not know any given plant, a mushroom or berry – do not eat them as they can be poisonous. It is possible to find nuts, fresh escapes and young greens of a ramson in the forest. These gifts of the nature can quite be eaten. Edible fungi – the best food in the forest because of their sytnost. They can be welded in a usual can, having small crumbled.

If in the forest it is necessary to spend the night, then prepare as much as possible firewood and organize watch if you are not some. If to realize that the workmate is awake, then it will be easier to fall asleep. Not to freeze nestle with the workmate backs to each other and dress a backpack on legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team