How ""to survive"" the first year after marriage?

How ""to survive"" the first year after marriage?

The first year in marriage very difficult. And it is quite natural. Family experience is not given as a gift at a wedding: it is got from year to year. You should learn and learn many new things which were unknown earlier. But before training in new it is worth getting advice and to follow them.

Council No. 1. Learn to consult. To the solution of any question regarding your matrimonial life surely consult to the spouse/spouse. You should not ask for suggestions friends or parents. During discussion of your family questions follow such simple rules: explain how you want to arrive in this situation; let your words sound as the offer, but not the firm decision; surely ask opinion of the second and also do not forget to respect its decision; do not do any decisions "on the quiet"; always report about the decision.

Council No. 2. Learn to be tactful. It is possible that you got used to adhere to the point of view and you never change it, it was put in you at education since the childhood. But it is wrong: you should learn flexibility and tactfulness. Of course, your persistence is necessary and inappropriate to nobody, and to be tactful — to be able to behave in any difficult and unsolvable situation delicately, without touching others. If you began to feel that your darling begins to irritate you and to enrage, just present the chief on his place. With it you will not dare to raise the voice and to be rude. Your satellite deserves respect and tactfulness of you even if it in something is wrong.

Council No. 3. Difficulties. At the beginning of your joint course of life the husband can be a little ineptly a head of the family, and the wife sometimes not always is tactful. Show tactfulness on the relation to each other even if someone from you is wrong and wants to make a mistake. There has to pass some time to learn and not to make mistakes from now on. If you resolve in common any issues, then solve them, but do not try to correct the nature of another. Do not show each other shortcomings for show, it is worth paying attention on himself better. 

To keep the marriage very difficult, and quite simply to destroy. Naturally, you should fall and rise not once, but, as we know, all make mistakes and study as them. There will pass a little time — and you learn everything (especially if you feel support of each other). Also you should not lose sense of humour, it is possible to joke of some misses together.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team