How to sweetheart the man

How to sweetheart the man

The pleasant man should be fascinated, carried away and interested – prove to be to him from the best side and convince that you are ideal for it. To sweetheart the man often it is necessary to sacrifice natural shyness and to take the first step.


1. Do not show an initiative openly and energetically – act gradually. Try to catch sight more often to him – choose the same routes and institutions, you seek to get to the same company, be closer to him. It will help you to draw attention of the man and will give the chance to communicate to it. But do not open the cards – the man has to think that he became the initiator of acquaintance.

2. You have to look faultlessly – hair, skin, clothes, manicure have to be ideal. The man pays attention to the woman, estimating her external qualities, and only then seeks to learn as far as the image corresponds to contents.

3. Your inner world has to interest the man – read, be interested, fond. With versatily developed person always is what to talk about and you should not select painfully subjects for discussion. And further development of the relations depends on the frequency of your communication.

4. Do not deceive and do not pretend to be that whom you are not – men in the majority sharply feel a lie. Insincerity and falseness can spoil everything that so beautifully began.

5. It is not necessary to stir much, especially about himself. Try to keep a riddle, it will be interesting to man "to solve" you.

6. You have to be active – invite and initiate visit of public and entertaining actions. With you it has to be interesting to the man, and boring and sluggish women cause only persistent desire to get rid of their society as it is possible rather.

7. Show interest in the man's life – be interested in his family, hobbies, work. But be not too persuasive and respect others inviolability. Be polite, but you do not pass a frame of legal.

8. Use the talents and abilities to sweetheart the man. Make to him a romantic dinner, compose the song or write verses – it will be pleasant to it, and you get a chance to hint about the feelings.

9. Do not deride the man, do not humiliate and do not dare to state about him or his qualities in a sharp and scornful manner. Otherwise instead of the beloved you risk to get the worst enemy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team