How to take away guests

How to take away guests

The uninvited guest - is worse than the Tatar and if he still comes with constancy of the collector of a tribute, then though in general from the house run. But you do not hurry to despair. The determination and is a little imagination - and you will remain the master of the situation and own territory.

It is required to you

  • means of hygiene, means for repair / cleaning, photo albums, couple of disks with music, knowledge of personal features of the guest


1. Find out whether your guests have an allergy to something, and get what causes in them allergic reaction. Also the simple mention from the "I Promised to Take a Neighbour's Cat at Myself, Neighbours on a Trip Here So Far" series will approach in case your unwanted guest does not transfer cat's wool.

2. Transfer time of love joys or hygienic procedures for that time when to you the guest comes or has to come. Meet him in the corresponding look. Be confused, but not really. After all, it you in the territory, but not it.

3. Pull out in this world all photo albums what only are at your place. Joyfully show them to the visitor (it is desirable not to repeat) and in detail comment on each shot of the format "I Against the Background of a Monument to the Unknown", "I Fall a Bomb to the Pool" and especially "I in 4 years on a pot". Do not pay attention to protests and sad face of the guest.

4. Become constant visitor at them with visits, at the same time feel at home. Do not go too far, but try to bother owners worse than bitter radish. Attacks on the fridge, occupation of the toilet room, a siege of the TV and the Internet will approach. It is better not to touch master's children and animals - it is possible that owners will only be grateful to you.

5. Do in time cleaning or easy repair by the time of arrival of guests, attract them to help. A rag with a mop in hands - and forward! No song, no supper. Well also procedures of painting or disinsection of the room will approach.

6. During the unwanted visits include and do not switch off the most annoying music, it is desirable from among sincerely loved by you (of course, quickly stop loving, but it is the forced victim). Loudness depends on patience of neighbors.

7. Find out what topic of conversation irritates the guest most of all, and come back to it with constancy of gravitation. It can be a set of your sores or what villain your former or what brought the country to. In the most favorable situation there are young mothers: infinite stories about foreign child are capable to dement anyone.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team