How to take away the daughter

How to take away the daughter

Once again it is necessary to be surprised how different and unpredictable vital circumstances are. Just a year ago it was even impossible to imagine that soon there will come the moment when it is necessary to fight for the own child with own husband or the wife. If the child reaches 16 years, then it has a right to independently decide with whom to live. With the small child everything is much more difficult.


1. Often after family breakdown and a divorce the parent with whom there was a daughter begins to incite the child against the father or mother instead of avoiding the conflicts. Such behavior in relation to the former spouses is caused by hostility. Then the second parent has an incentive to take away the offspring and to bring up independently.

2. To take away the daughter from mother quite difficult, strong reasons are for this purpose necessary. At first it is worth thinking of meetings with the daughter 2-3 times a week, and further to solve whether it is worth beginning a lawsuit if mother fulfills all the obligations for education of the child. If the daughter is brought up by the father, and at mother having decent income and an opportunity to provide the child, there is desire to take away him, the court more meets such desires.

3. To take away the daughter will not make special complexity if the parent with whom she lives cannot provide to the child full-fledged life, including visit of school, a living space and acceptable conditions of accommodation. And also in case he is dependent on alcohol, drugs or is engaged in prostitution.

4. Then it is necessary to address to bodies of guardianship and social protection. If it is established that the parent really does not cope with the obligations for education of the daughter, it immediately will deprive of the parental rights.

5. If the child reached 16 years, and does not suit him life with that parent to whom it was left at a divorce, it is possible to address together with the daughter to tutorship and guardianship authorities, in writing to state circumstances and claims, having specified desire to live with the second parent. At the same time the last will confirm that this is truethis is truethis is true, then the child can be taken away at once.

6. As a result guardianship authorities will understand for a long time in the circumstances, and the daughter will already live with that parent who is able to provide normal living conditions.

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