How to take away the husband from the mother-in-law

How to take away the husband from the mother-in-law

The woman, marrying, expects that they with the husband will have a strong, close-knit family. Unfortunately, it happens not always. The nervousness, discord in the relations of spouses are caused by the mother-in-law. Yes, there are mothers who cannot reconcile with a thought in any way that their adored boys left from under parental guardianship, control. Mother tries to control each step of the son, constantly comes with visits checks or keeps ringing several times a day, demanding the report. Naturally, it very much irritates the wife.


1. It is possible to understand your discontent, irritation. Nevertheless, keep from quarrels, scandals, especially, of ultimatums: "Either I, or she". Do not forget that to your husband it is already very heavy now, he appeared literally between the devil and the deep sea.

2. Do not try to interfere with its meetings with mother, it you only worsen a situation. Almost for certain in the opinion of the husband, relatives and acquaintances you will appear the spiteful, insensible, jealous egoist (you can not doubt, the mother-in-law will not regret for this time and efforts).

3. Try to talk to the spouse seriously better. Choose for this purpose a right moment and lead a discussion in quiet, judicious tone. Do not abuse the mother-in-law at all, do not use expressions of type: "You would know as your mummy got me!" The husband then from the pure principle will begin to remember how many times he was enraged by the mother-in-law. And the conversation will end with transition on the personality and scandal.

4. Instead at once specify: "I understand, she is your mother, she worries for you, wants everything to be good". And after that you pass to the main thing: "But, darling, you any more not the boy! You are an adult, independent man, the head of the family. She should somehow let know that it is impossible to treat you as if with the helpless baby". At such approach the husband will much more quietly apprehend your words. Especially, he for certain thought more than once how to escape from this suffocating maternal guardianship.

5. Consider together as under any plausible excuse to reduce to a reasonable minimum the husband's visits to mother. It sometimes very hardly, some mothers-in-law begin or to press on pity (like, such is the fate of all mothers, grew up and it is not necessary any more), or reproach the son with ingratitude, egoism (I gave birth to you, raised, and you on the mother spit now, for you the wife on the first place). However it is absolutely necessary to make it. You can refer to big employment of the husband at work, for example. But only not on his feeling sick: here then you will definitely not get off the mother-in-law.

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