How to take away the lover

How to take away the lover

Still yesterday you with pleasure spent time with it, but today the relations lost the heat, there is a wish to forget about them and to have a rest from rough passions a little. But what to do if the importunate gentleman still does not give you pass, without understanding that it is dismissed?


1. Do not answer its calls and SMS, especially, if you already repeatedly explained to him that between you everything is over. He will apologize, beg about the last chance, and you should say an unpleasant tirade again that feelings passed. Better just ignore it.

2. Do not accept from it gifts even if he assures that it is farewell gifts. In the aspiration to buy your attention it is ready for everything. Your task is to resist temptation and not to give it the chance to return, enjoying your love for original bagatelles.

3. Do not threaten it at all, do not offend, so you can provoke inadequately aggressive reaction. The vanity of the left man is also so wounded therefore show patience. Without receiving from you response, he will gradually calm down, but time for this purpose is necessary.

4. You drive away sense of guilt. Most likely, you at heart not the so angry person and to look at sufferings let former, but after all the beloved, above your forces. Take a small vacation, distract, switch to other cares.

5. Find the new gentleman. Let the set aside man know that you are not lonely, hardly he will want to disturb you in the presence of the next boyfriend. Of course, this way quite strictly wounds male vanity, but it one of the most effective.

6. Talk to it frankly. For a meeting it is better to choose the place where you never made a date each other. Tell that were tired of its prosecutions. Suggest to leave friends. Hint that you give it the last chance to remain in your eyes the strong man, but not weak-willed mother's darling who does not take out refusal.

7. Acquaint him with unmarried girlfriend which toils from loneliness. Perhaps, they will make fine couple, and you, at last, will be able to sleep peacefully at night, without listening to the next tearful revelations being about it "the ruined life". Now at it will be, than to be engaged in night-time.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team