How to take the first step to the man

How to take the first step to the man

The modern way of life dictates the rules of conduct. But all the same not everyone manages to get rid of the ""ancient"", conventional standards and to keep up to date. For example, since last century of the man were obliged to take the first step, to look after, preserve and give flowers to the woman. And it is so hard to understand now that the woman can do it too (and sometimes and has to). And, if the man was pleasant to you, then it is not a shame to first to show an initiative at all.

It is required to you

  • Courage, confidence in a victory, determination, charm.


1. Let's say that you like colleague on work, the neighbor or you are simply fascinated by some stranger. It is not so important. The main thing that to you the man who does not know about it so far attracted. For a start it is necessary to try to come into contact with it, that is to talk. You do not know yet what is a person, and, perhaps, the first conversation can not turn out, or perhaps on the contrary, the person will be very sociable and sociable, and you will have a feeling that you know each other for a long time. Try to interest him in something. At the same time in the most harmless way, especially when you talk for the first time, the ability to listen is, and men very much love it. Therefore at the first communication the most important is to listen, ask questions, to be interested in his life, hobbies, friends, etc. It is forbidden to tell about himself absolutely optional, to be exact, in general. Several harmless phrases about the happy childhood or everyday life will be enough.

2. But if you are already familiar with the man and you had good friendly relations, and you still hesitate to tell him about the sympathy, then here it is necessary to use heavy artillery. Abilities to speak will also communicate a little. Many know that men very much appreciate sincerity and openness therefore you can safely declare the tender feelings and sympathy. Tell it about it, it is only careful and unostentatious. First, it will be very pleasant to it, and secondly, he will look at you already with other eyes. Perhaps not at once, but over time - it is obligatory. Do not hesitate to say that you think and feel, be sure of themselves. Perhaps, he felt in relation to you the same, but hesitated to tell. Take the initiative and act.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team