How to talk to the son about the relations with girls

How to talk to the son about the relations with girls

Most of teenagers usually know about how to communicate with girls, only from media: movies, music, games and social networks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these sources represent a female ambiguous image and can hardly become a positive example for creation and development of the healthy relations.

Therefore for parents it is extremely important to come into normal contact with the growing-up son and to discuss with it the vital issues and problems how to behave with girls and how, finally, to choose the suitable companion of life. Unfortunately, many parents are too busy or are even indifferent, considering that it is not obligatory to pay to the matter much attention and forces at all. But if you want to grow up the real man from the son, similar communication is just necessary.

1. Begin such communication still when your son absolutely the kid. It is necessary to set a good example and to put the basic rules of communication from the earliest age. Your son since the childhood has to see that parents belong to each other yours faithfully. Even if you have periods of disagreements and the conflicts, solve them behind closed doors and do not involve in them the child. Children watch closely the parents and build model of family behavior from this example. The biggest gift which both parents can give to the child is an example of love and respect in the family relations.

2. Establish limits of acceptable behavior for the teenage son. Teach the growing-up son as a real man, to treat gentlemanlike the sisters and other relatives, and irrespective of their age. How the boy interacts with the sisters and relatives, often is that behavior model which he will transfer to the future family relations. You learn to be respectful respect for girls at school and other public places. You say that it is impossible to insist on the sympathies and feelings, to impose them and to violently force girls to reciprocity. Ahead youth and student's years, so it will have enough time for mutual kisses and embraces. 3. When your son reached age of puberty, learn to talk to him frankly, as to the friend. Discuss features of the developing and growing organism and also its reproductive functions. The teenage son has to know how his maturing body functions and as to operate it to avoid problems and irresponsible behavior. Emphasize that in the future physical and emotional desires will have absolutely other value. 4. Teach to respect the growing son not only the desires and requirements, but also strangers. Tell that it is necessary to consider interests and other people, especially concerning floors. Education of the real man consists also in his ability to give way to the woman, and in understanding of importance of existence of financial independence before entering hasty marriage. Teach the son to patience, suspension of acts and respect of other people. The man who is brought up on such principles will become almost ideal husband. And your future daughter-in-law will become the happiest woman. 5. Involve additional resources. If it is difficult to you to learn to communicate with the teenager, read books on age psychology, watch videocourses, after all, address experts for council. You have to know accurately about what you want to talk to the son and of what thoughts to inform him. Besides, actively involve the, already such adult child to housekeeping. You teach him to bases of the family budget, fundamentals of cookery and art of permission of the interpersonal conflicts. You have a hard and responsible task – to grow up the real man. Today's divorce rate about which dry statistics speaks has to guard parents and push them to the fact that with the growing-up sons it is necessary to carry out accurate and delicate educational work how young people have to treat girls. Your correct policy of education of the son is a guarantee of its future strong and happy marriage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team