How to tame the man

How to tame the man

To tame the man – business quite cunning. All because most of men hate submission and the slightest hints on the fact that they manipulate them. A secret is in managing to become irreplaceable for the man without his permission. What it is necessary to make to tame the man and to force it to return to you again and again?


1. The woman with a beautiful face and a sexual figure can be enough for men at the beginning. However, as we know, all sweet quickly becomes boring. Therefore hot, young and attractive nymphets are very quickly replaced with house, tender, kind, careful and cozy ladies. The truth is that most of men needs not only passionate sex, but also care, leaving, food and admiration of the soulmate. If the man feels a boundless cosiness and admiration of, he becomes an easy mark for the clever woman.

2. You do not treat the man as to the property, the assistant or service staff. The loving woman first of all will be guided by needs of the man, trying to satisfy them and to please him. At the same time she will make so that the man will even have no suspicions that execution of his requirements - the main merit of the woman. For example, do not interfere with his sports hobbies or do not criticize its grandiose plans for a holiday. It is a real man, and let he will feel it.

3. Respect his preferences and tastes. Even if it concerns your appearance. The man of long-haired blondes loves – you should not be remade and cut counter to him. Prefers to wear jeans with a jacket – do not try to replace suddenly to it clothes with more suitable and distinguished. And still adjustment is possible, but slightly noticeable, smooth and slow. Today is a new tie to which by all means it is necessary to pick up more stylish boots, tomorrow - a new hat which suddenly ceased to be combined with his sports jacket, etc. If you decided to indulge completely its faultless taste, then the part of the keeper of its ukhozhennost and faultless appearance is assigned to you.

4. Always and in everything support the man. For him it is important to feel approval of the loved one who in case of failure will embrace and will encourage a phrase: "You will cope", "Everything will turn out", "I will help", etc. Your love and care is behind such banal words.

5. You watch emotions and words. You do not become too reserved and cold and at the same time you should not show excessive emotionality. Men are lost from hysterics, impetuous joy or other women's splashes. Special the stronger sex is irritable to manipulations by means of tears. And when business reaches a showdown at all, men are not ready to those sharp and caustic epithets and remarks with which his fine half showers. Do not wound the man because offensive things remain in soul for a long time. Sooner or later the harmony will return to your relations, and better if after the quarrel there is no unpleasant deposit left. Even in the heat of rage control yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team