How to tame the woman for a long time

How to tame the woman for a long time

If you met the woman with whom there is a wish to live all life, it is necessary to protect it, to love, tasty to feed and tell for night of the fairy tale. And still — to accustom her to a thought that near it the loyal and reliable friend.

To be it another

Even if the woman is not in love with you so far, it is necessary to show an affection which will be pleasant to her. For example, she loves Justin Timberlake's creativity, but does not know that on the next Friday there will be his performance. Report about it and buy the ticket for it.

Or it "is absolutely sewn up" with preparation for examination. Offer it the help. Explain difficult questions, teach, as soon as possible to remember all necessary information.

It is tasty to feed

When the loving man tasty feeds the woman, he kind of tames her. At the same time it is optional to drive her constantly on expensive restaurants. Especially if the man is able to prepare and knows culinary addictions of darling. If she adores pastries, bake its favourite cabbage pie. To it it will become warm and cozy with you.

To tell fairy tales

People in soul continue to remain children. Your woman also wants to watch interesting film, to listen to favourite music or to read something interesting. You give these pleasures regularly. You drive it at cinema and on performances, on concerts of favourite bands. Download music to which it wants to listen on the Internet. And still tell it for night of the fairy tale or interesting stories.

To protect the woman, to buy and give her gifts

Trying to tame the woman for a long time, the man constantly preserves her against problems. Or helps to solve quickly and easily them. The actions he kind of constantly speaks to her: "Be not afraid! I'm with you! I will not throw you and I will always help!" Women love gifts. And it is optional that they were dear. The main thing that they were necessary. Therefore a right way to the woman's heart – to buy and give them. These gifts are similar to sugar pieces which the experienced trainer tames animals. The woman gets used that near her the man who is full of surprises.

To love it

But the main way by means of which it is possible to tame the woman is to love her. Like fire in a fireplace, your love will warm the woman. Darling has to feel constantly heat proceeding from you. Has to know that at any time can come and "get warm" at this center of geniality, warmth and adoration. But at the same time the love should not tire. You should not stick to the woman "bur" and to constantly tell the words of love and admiration. It is necessary to be valid in itself to release darling. To give the chance to live separately if she wants it. Perhaps, at distance she will be able quietly to realize what loved and native one is in her life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team