How to teach a good lesson the guy

How to teach a good lesson the guy

Guys not always arrive honestly in relation to girls. Some of men are famous for the love for deception, unfaithfulness, treachery and even ill-treatment. And in vain, the offender can always be taught a good lesson.


1. If you were offended by your young man, for example, betrayed you and found to himself another, the best revenge for him - your indifference. It is most of all capable to wound male self-esteem. You only present: the man who changed to the beloved, most likely, wanted to ego-trip at the expense of the mistress and the ex-girlfriend who as he counted, had to shed bitter tears, suffer and by hook or by crook try to return the beloved. However it did not occur. The woman was not such and weak. She continues to live further and looks quite happy.

2. One more small revenge to the former beloved consists in the following. Learn who became its new passion, and try to make so that she heard about all its shortcomings. Only you remember that you should not tell about them to it personally as, most likely, the girl will just think that you are jealous or try to return the love therefore you slander on the young man. Attentively look narrowly at people who enter your inner circle. Possibly, among them there is the one who is famous for love for distribution of gossips and rumors. Share information that your former is not so reliable, apparently, with this person has a set of addictions and shortcomings and the lover from it so-so. The gossip hotline works very quickly therefore in the nearest future his new girl learns about everything.

3. Too you should not exclude option of small dirty tricks. Try to spoil to it, let not life, but at least mood. Write it messages from unfamiliar numbers. Let them have intimate contents. You thank for last night or evening, tell that to you it was good, and you wait for continuation. Only do in time time that your beloved was near the new soulmate. Besides, it is possible to use social networks, to create the new page and to send from it gifts to this young man. For certain his girl will make him for it a row of jealousy, and they will long sort out the relations.

4. Some desperate girls resort even to the justice help. They choose a moment when the ex-boyfriend or just familiar offender is in the company, on the drunk street, and call in police. In that case the young man will not manage to avoid problems. If you decided on it, remember that after such revenge you already precisely will hardly manage to improve good relations with the guy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team