How to teach a good lesson the guy for treason

How to teach a good lesson the guy for treason

Even in the, apparently, strongest and reliable relations, there can come the moment when they crack. And, most likely, the most terrible that can happen is a treason.


1. When the girl is changed by the favourite young man, she has terrible feeling after such treachery, there is no more crushing blow, than blow to female vanity. However the offender can always revenge. Of course, the first that comes to girls to mind - it is "quid pro quo", that is it is possible to decide to change him in reply, and to ideally change him with his friend. But at everything at the same time, women try to make so that the guy learned about it. However you should not make a similar mistake after all, if you are ready to forgive further the guy and want to keep the relations and also the person and pride, your treason will promote only a failure. Only imagine that the guy with whom you decide to revenge the beloved will think of you. His opinion on you will be spoiled and, most likely, he will tell someone about your act that he will cause condemnation from people around too. If does not concern you that others will think of you, it is worth thinking of how you will feel after the treason. After all, first of all your personal self-assessment, self-respect and self-esteem will suffer.

2. Not to fall in own eyes, you can invent the treason and tell about it to the young man. Tell him that you had some affair with one of his friends. Further, friends will convince him of the return and you can admit then that you actually could not make such meanness, but some time your guy after all will suffer.

3. Remember, it is necessary to endure treason with it is proud of the raised head. Nothing so wounds male self-esteem as indifference of the woman. Please, being in proud loneliness, you can clench fists to pain and sob in a pillow, but, leaving the house, it is necessary to put a happy smile on the person and to go along the street light step, with the straightened shoulders, joking and making eyes at counter men, to pass by the, most likely, already former, the guy. Remember that revenge has to be faultless and exact.

4. One more opportunity to teach a good lesson the guy for treason is made as follows. Tell darling that recently went to the doctor, and at you any disease, sexually transmitted was revealed. It is clear, that you could not catch from anybody, except the soulmate. Most likely, campaigns to the expert will be remembered for a long time to your incorrect elect.

5. Psychologists advise to revenge for treason by small dirty tricks somehow to facilitate the state of mind. It can be the torn-off buttons on clothes, the cut-up ties, the spoiled car, tarnished reputation. You can easily tell the and his friends about what your guy not only changed you, but also in the intimate plan is not too strong. Agree, after such stories hardly some girl from your general environment to agree to go for contact with such man.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team