How to teach a good lesson the mistress

How to teach a good lesson the mistress

How many families fall because of communications of men on the party! Statistically the ordinary man has relations which develop into novels, there are 4-5 times in life. And poor wives suffer, look for various ways to punish and teach a good lesson the mistress.


1. Most advanced for today methods are a punishment online: to post on the websites a photo of a razluchnitsa with the corresponding comments, to send e-mails to her husband or for her work. Something it reminds party times of the Soviet era – when family disorders submitted for meetings of labor collective.

2. There are grandmother's methods: address to sorcerers and fortunetellers, preparation of various spells and love spells.

3. And there are even cases that the deceived wives file a lawsuit against mistresses. However, such claims of the judge were not considered yet, motivating refusal with the fact that treason is not crime, it only violation of moral ethical standards.

4. Hatred to a razluchnitsa appears from desire to allocate for wine from itself and the reveller husband on the stranger. You subconsciously want to make only the mistress responsible for all your family disorders. And the true reasons are just in your relations with the husband.

5. Think whether long ago you communicated with it heart-to-heart, were interested in its problems at work, asked about its plans. Perhaps you were absorbed by a routine of family efforts, you did not notice changes which happened to the husband. Missed the reason of his estrangement. Remember when he tried to start with you a conversation, you waved away, referring to employment in kitchen? And perhaps then your support, understanding and sympathy was required for it.

6. By thirty years of lonely women much more, than lonely men. And happiness is wanted by all. Here also it turns out that someone another found time to listen to your husband, to sympathize with it. And further it was also started turning …

7. The main thing in your situation is not to run to the competitor home, not to make scandals, and it is better to talk to it quietly. Perhaps, thus, you learn its plans and then will correct the behavior concerning the husband.

8. Gradually begin to return it to yourself, to win again, to seduce and tempt. Men are very greedy for caress. What more you will begin to give it attention, care and heat, subjects it quicker to relax and will return to a home.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team