How to teach the child of gratitude

How to teach the child of gratitude

The gratitude is not feeling which is formed by itself. This feeling should be learned, it in children needs to be developed. And if the child never tells thanks, and perceives all care of parents as due, then came it is time to teach the child to thank parents and to feel this gratitude.

It is not necessary to begin to abuse children and to read them lecture that mother not the dray horse that it for the sake of them does everything, and in reply does not hear even "thanks". It is possible to be sure absolutely that such invocations to conscience will not be heard by children at all. Therefore, for a start, it is necessary to begin with itself. And whether so often mother thanks the child for the rendered help, though small? If does not thank, then time to begin to develop at itself such habit came. And also to thank the spouse for the fact that he, for example, cooked wonderful borsch, teachers at school for the fact that they teach children of vital wisdom and to scientific knowledge, and even the selling assistant in shop for the help and for the done favor.

It is also necessary to teach to help children to people around. Perhaps, parents help with nursing home? It is an occasion to take the child. If there is an elderly and lonely neighbor, then it is necessary to buy him products and to help to remove the apartment, attracting to it the child. Let him see how care is important and as it is healthy when well to the person, and it is not less pleasant to receive an official message of thanks in reply.

If the child has books which he does not read also any more toys which it does not play then it is possible to suggest it to postpone separately those which it is not a pity and to carry them in orphanage. And then the child will learn to appreciate what he has – the house, toys, books, textbooks, tasty food and good clothes, and more it will not perceive as due.

It is worth paying attention and to the children's room of the child. If at him it is full of toys, and to him buy everything that he will want, then from it he will not feel joy any more, and it is rather, satisfaction. Therefore if the child once again something wants, then it is necessary to discuss with him as he can earn on any given thing or what to make for this purpose that to receive it.

If this thing is really necessary to the child, then having made what he agreed with parents with the child will feel great joy and gratitude, than parents will buy it it just like that. You should not award with the child's gifts for achievements in school or victories at competitions. Much better to say, as parents are proud of the child and that he at them – the best. If to give gifts for each victory, then further, it is possible to get to a debt hole.

It is necessary to enter a good tradition every day before going to bed to thank all family members for something, let and insignificant. Thus, the feeling and ability to thank does not appear itself, it is necessary to work on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team