How to teach the child to creep

How to teach the child to creep

Long-awaited happiness came to the house – the small floret of life appeared. And all most interesting expects young parents ahead. And after a while, about half a year or a bit later, it is necessary to teach the child to creep, and then already to do the first short steps. Crawling is very useful for the kid – there is a strengthening of many groups of muscles. The back, legs, shoulders, a backbone everything is prepared for further walking.

 As a rule, children begin to creep, but if are not able then it is necessary to try to help. Also consultation of the expert will not prevent in this case. It will be good if this occupation is pleasant to the kid. Then it will be a pleasure to creep. All know that not all children creep, some I start walking, passing crawling. But they miss the major stage, in this case it is necessary to make efforts for that your kid after all spread.

In infancy all children are very curious. Put the kid on a tummy, it is desirable on a carpet or lay something soft, and before it a toy. The child immediately will reach for it. Gradually remove a toy further and further – the child will learn to move, move to the purpose. The kid has to move legs and handles. You only help to keep balance in certain cases. Repeat these exercises daily, gradually and with different toys. You keep all toys on the lowest shelves that your baby could without problems reach them.

It is possible to practice in crawling by means of a ball. Put the child on a ball a tummy. Then slowly, move a ball forward when handles reach a floor, back incline a ball that already legs reached a floor. Such or still other exercises with a ball are very useful if the child himself cannot creep yet. It is a so-called preparatory stage at which the kid learns to unclench palms, to bend legs as it is necessary. Creep together with the kid, invite other child is a little more senior, for an example. So you will be able to see everything eyes of a black beetle. Do not leave the baby unguarded, be always near. You hold the room where the kid in purity that he did not breathe dust creeps. Hide all dangerous objects from him, stop up all sockets with caps, from the lower shelves remove all superfluous. But if it is impossible to the kid do not despair, but also do not stop trying to help the child and then sooner or later you will be able to teach the child to creep. Dithat will learn all over time. Instincts will have an effect and will prompt as as to do to it. And shortly your kid joyfully zatopat to you the legs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team