How to teach the child to sit down

How to teach the child to sit down

Kids very active become closer by 6 months. Some well turn from a back on a tummy. Others creep and try to sit down gradually. Several simple advice will help you to teach the child to sit down.


1. To try to add the kid it is possible with from 5 months. For a start hold the baby by two hands, so he will keep balance. Many kids having seen a toy try in its any ways to receive. Put it so that the child reached for it a little. These movements will strengthen all muscles that will make training quicker.

2. Before the occupations put the kid on a sofa or a bed. Put around him several soft pillows that it did not fall aside. The first lessons of sitting should not be long, there will be enough 10 minutes that the child worked. Over time increase time of one occupation. Throughout the day such exercises you carry out 7-8 times.

3. To strengthen the main muscles of a back, hands and legs, in addition carry out a set of exercises. You part with slow movements handles of the baby in the parties with the subsequent their crossing on a breast. Lift them in turn up and down, at the same time stroke a little and pound. Also serially bend both legs of the child, and then at the same time draw in them to a tummy. To learn to sit down swimming well helps, it strengthens muscles of a back, hands, legs. You give such classes in the bathroom or register to the pool.

4. On walk the kids are aged closer by 6 months refuse to lie in a carriage and try to rise. Therefore if the child does attempts to sit down, you do not hurry to stack him back, let the baby will stay in such situation will not be tired yet. Try not to lift specially a carriage back in vertical position. In six months already try to put the kid in a stool for feeding.

5. If to age of 8 months the child does not do attempt to sit down, then address the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team