How to tell mother that I have a boy

How to tell mother that I have a boy

The first love brings both joy, and alarm, and pain. There is a wish to share happiness with all girlfriends. They will understand – will be glad for you and can will envy … But most, perhaps, difficult is to tell about it to mother. Suddenly she will become angry, suddenly will forbid to meet.


1. Think why mother can appear against your friend. Perhaps, she is afraid that your study will suffer. Try not to give the grounds for such fears: show to mother good marks and diligence in study. In general behave so that mother had no bases to tell: "This guy badly influences you".

2. If you suspect that mother can not like behavior of your boy, think, maybe, she is right. Mother dealt with boys much more and understands them better. Perhaps, she will notice what was not noticed by you. Besides, council of the clever loving senior girlfriend can be required by you in a difficult situation.

3. That it was easier for you to start talking to mother about your friend, begin from far away. Ask her on youth, than she was fond with whom she was on friendly terms. Gradually transfer a conversation to boys: whether it met them to your father what they were as her parents reacted …

4. If mother willingly shares reminiscence about the first love, can tell it that you are looked after by the boy and he is pleasant to you too. Ask for permission to invite it on a visit.

5. If she lets know that to you still early to think of such things, it is possible to present your friend as the schoolmate with whom you together do homework. It is better that your mother knew your friends. If the boy makes a good impression on your parents, it will be simpler to report then that you together go to the movies or on a disco.

6. Perhaps, mother is afraid of consequences of your relations, considers you too thoughtless and naive. Try to prove that you the serious, responsible person who can be trusted. Undertake a part of household chores and carry out them precisely and accurately.

7. Too it is better for your friend to try to make a good impression on your family. If you are really dear to it, he and will make. Softly let it know what can be pleasant or not be pleasant to your mother that it avoided mistakes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team