How to tell the son about other father

How to tell the son about other father

You have a happy family – the husband, the son and you. But only here your small child does not know that all this time cares for it not his father. And how to explain it to the boy, so far evil tongues did not manage to inform him of the perverted version of events?


1. Achieve trust from your child. Before beginning so straight talk, you have to be sure that it will apprehend your version of events as the truth. But you remember that it is categorically dangerous to lie at the same time to it. That is, if you want to change a part of the version, then try to leave not strongly from the truth. Any act can give both positive, and negative characteristic. However for the child it will be better if your version of events is most neutral.

2. Wait for an opportunity and a situation. It can be organized personally. At this moment the child should not be strongly busy with something. Or games of the boy have to be such that they could be stopped at any time. Get rid of all distracting factors, such as TV, computer and phone. Should not distract not only it, but also you.

3. Tell me about yourself. Not really there is a lot of, but the child has to experience your sincerity and desire to share with him something intimate.

4. Explain that adults have problems and difficult relations. It is better if you are able to give examples on something to it clear.

5. Try to explain to the child of the reason of acts when parents leave own children. You do not seek to give to this event negative coloring. As a counterbalance tell it about existence of stepfathers and stepmothers.

6. Tell the truth to the son about his father. If in this truth there are criminal details or the immoral moments, then lower them. You still will have time in about ten years to return to this conversation.

7. Tell as much as possible good about the stepfather. Then be near to your son him to live and call him the father.

8. Let's the child comprehend everything heard. Let it know that it is expensive to you and your husband. You do not press on it. The little man himself will draw all correct conclusions. Besides he will estimate the level of your trust to it. At the correct approach such conversation can serve as a strong link between members of your family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team