How to tell the wife about a divorce

How to tell the wife about a divorce

In life of many married couples there comes once time when the divorce is inevitable. Spouses namuchit each other enough, parting in that case is the best exit. At least, it seems so to them. They agree and peacefully get divorced. But what to do in case the man wishes to divorce, and the woman does not guess his decision. In that case long time torments the man a question how to tell the wife about a divorce.


1. Beforehand to the explanation think over the conversation course. Draw a certain scheme in the imagination. Thus, it will be really serious. In that case you will be able to talk to the wife "as two adults".

2. Do not plan to lead a discussion with the wife in the morning. This time when all hurry, and is necessary for a similar conversation quiet time.

3. Surely offer the detailed explanations connected with your feelings. Tell that everything between you was good. That you always respected and appreciated it as the wife and, of course, as the woman. Try to explain that something left your relations. Not to bring torture each other, and to keep what exists today you are not able to stay together any more.

4. Accurately formulate words. It is necessary in order that the woman had no hopes and misunderstanding. Do not develop a subject about the entered other relations at all - it will not lead to anything. The main thing, this subject will not bring your conversation into the peaceful course. In that case the conversation for which you so prepared will end with a hysterics and tears again. Just tell the wife that the "left" relations are not important any more, only the fact that your relations as the wife and the husband came to the end is important.

5. Smoothly you turn to a question of children. Tell that your children are a treasure, and you are necessary to them. Promise to care for them. Tell that you hope for understanding from its party that it will not wish to deprive of children of attention of the father only proceeding from the fact that you stop being the husband and the wife. Guarantee that from the material point of view children will never be left.

6. Suggest to remain in the kind relations for the sake of children. Do not offer friendship – it is problematic.

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