How to tempt the guy who is pleasant to all

How to tempt the guy who is pleasant to all

Most often men become initiators of intimate proximity. However sometimes it happens and so that the girl herself dreams of sex with any given man. To achieve the objective, it has to get acquainted with some secrets of seducing.


1. If you decided to tempt the man of whom a huge number of ladies dreams, you can try to become his close friend. It will provide you joint rest and frequent communication. When between you stable friendly relations are established, choose a right moment and ask the man to render you some help. Very often girls use for this purpose the following pretexts: reestablishment of a system on the computer, repair of small appliances or just the help in performance of man's work on the house. Before meeting the man at home, put the appearance in order. Do hair and a make-up, put on a short sexual dress. When you remain alone with object of desire, try to touch more often it, openly make advances and flirt, bend so that he noticed your decollete. Besides, you can draw attention of the guy to some naked parts of your body. If you though interest the man a little, hardly he will be able to resist, especially, if before it you decide to drink couple of glasses of wine.

2. If you do not communicate with the man to whom you have feeling of passion, but are with it in one place (for example, in cafe), you can try to strike up with it straight talk. Just approach the man, be presented and begin a conversation. You can use different tricks for its seducing. Very effective is a phrase that you are surprised a modern stereotype and do not understand why men have to take the first step to rapprochement with the woman. Tell that long ago it is interesting to you whether guys are capable of risky acts, for example, on sex with the stranger actually. If the guy is not a fool, he for certain will notice the hidden sense in your words. Besides, in more free situation, in night club or bar where many people are drunk, it is possible just to approach the man who interested you and to kiss him without excess talk.

3. In case you are interested in the familiar young man who is pleasant to all women, try to communicate with him by means of different hints. For example, in a conversation with it you can use the following phrase: "You such attractive (courageous, strong, sexual). Now I understand why all girls dream to drag you in a bed". This statement will be heard very frankly and will let know to the man that you are interested in proximity with it too.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team