How to think up cool SMS to the guy

How to think up cool SMS to the guy

To think up SMS - business simple. But the mind and ingenuity is required really to surprise darling with the unusual message - substantial and at the same time cheerful. That it turned out interesting and mysterious, it is necessary to try.

It is necessary to write SMS to the guy from heart, with soul. To think up the text not so difficult, once you a little bit try and to include imagination, and everything will turn out.

Write briefly and on business, guys do not love long poetical verses or hackneyed phrases. It is possible to approach this business with humour that SMS turned out interesting and cool. It is necessary to write only with good mood. Negative or positive emotions are transferred together with the letter. The sincere message always brings joy, transfers mood of the person.

If nothing comes to mind or there are doubts into the account of the thoughts, it is possible to use additional sources: books, collections of verses, Internet. Councils of mother, sister, girlfriends can great help with it. SMS needs to think up it that it was pleasant to the guy. And the girl should pay attention to character and taste of the young man. Making a start from it, to write so that it was pleasant to it. Generally guys love clever and cheerful girls. Therefore also the message has to be corresponding that the young man had about you an opinion, as about the competent interesting personality too. The message has to be associated with you, that is it is necessary to think up something special, as for either you two, or some interesting facts. The main thing that the guy understood from the message that you love and you appreciate it. It is not necessary to speak openly about the desires, leave a little secret. Think up the message it that on it there was a wish to answer or reveal its sense. And it is very important that it is written to SMS. It is necessary to express only warm feelings.

It is possible to think up a lot of all interesting: it was necessary only to think what to write that it was pleasant to the person who is pleasant. SMS – a great way to open the feelings and to show to the guy the sympathy. It is necessary to write simple and clear words, you should not complicate. It is possible to pay attention to what most of all concerns. The short verse will cut out tender feelings to the person. There are certain words and phrases which are pleasant to guys. The most frequent of them: unusual which combine sense of humour and at the same time tenderness. Tender addresses, are pleasant for a strong half, but with them it is necessary to observe a measure. Guys love manifestation of feelings, but not too. It is possible to write cool rhymes as own composition, and found in the book or the Internet to lighten the mood to the soulmate. It is possible to think up an interesting plot and to somehow intrigue the person. It is the best of all to write at night. It is a romantic time when the person remains alone with the thoughts. If this recent acquaintance, it is possible to write: ""Good night, let to dream your dream"". And if it is already long relations, it is possible to write: ""Good night, lovely and expensive"". There is a set of the different ideas. It is possible to choose what is the most suitable and to write it to darling, listening to his interests.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team