How to throw darling that he returned

How to throw darling that he returned

Sometimes it seems that the relations reached a deadlock and only radical measures can correct a situation. And then the woman decides to leave, but not really and so that the partner wanted to return her. And this time, of course, she wants a game to go by its rules.


1. At first properly think whether it is worth resorting to such radical methods. If there is still any opportunity to correct a situation in a different way, try. If you brosatt darling, let and not really, there is always a chance that on it all and will end. Be ready to it and be not afraid to lose it. You have to know that all tried and there is nothing to lose to you.

2. Leave refined. Behave quietly and with advantage, do not make scandals and do not fall to curses. From what will be your parting, the possibility of future reunion depends. Do not tear off bridges and do not restore the partner against you.

3. Having left the partner, you keep headed and do not crawfish. If he does not show at once willingness to improve the relations, do not hurry to apologize and beg him to return. If the person not really also wants the relations, think whether they are necessary to you. If your couple reunites, you have to know that the partner considered your wishes and will behave acceptable from now on.

4. Let the man know that he is dear to you, but you do not intend to be reconciled to a delsha with his unworthy behavior. To you it is good with it, but also without it it is quite good. If he sees your determination and self-sufficiency, then will feel loss and will understand as far as it needs you. It will not be able to experience it, knowing that you cannot find any peace and are already ready to crawfish and forgive it everything if only to be together. Do not allow to take yourself for granted.

5. Accurately solve for yourself what you want to achieve parting and what you see your relations in case of their renewal. If it turned out in your opinion and you became couple again, keep also further the chosen course. Let the partner know about your position that you know the own worth and what you see the relations. Remember that the habit - a strong thing and in many respects depends on you whether your expectations will be met.

6. The man has to understand clearly that he does not suit you in the relations and what you want from him. Otherwise parting will give nothing to you even if you will be together again. Let him know what actions and behavior from it it is required that your union was harmonious.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team