How to transfer friendship to the relations

How to transfer friendship to the relations

When close friends (the guy and the girl) long communicate and spend much time together, there is a probability of emergence of love feelings. But they can be not mutual therefore it is necessary to make efforts for creation of romantic communication.


1. Well think whether really you want it. Whether your hobby when you achieve the will be gone. Whether it will turn out to keep friendship if from the relations nothing turns out. It is necessary to think of it before starting active actions.

2. Use the situation. The relations which begin with friendship, as a rule, the strongest. You know its weak and strengths, preferences, interests, spend together much time. You trust each other, share secrets, namely confidential data can be used in the purposes.

3. Learn his preferences. Asking questions to the friend, you can find out unostentatiously that he appreciates in girls. What behavior and tactics will be suitable for its charm. It as the opened book from which it is possible to read out the plan of gain, the main thing is to transfer everything to the necessary course.

4. Touch it more often. During the conversation shake an invisible mote from his shoulder, accidentally adjoin at walk. Ask supports on a slippery path or take by hand, having seen a big dog.

5. Adjust the relations on a romantic wave. After long years of communication in which there was no place of romanticism, the most difficult to create the necessary mood. Begin to put on is more womanly that he could see in you not only the friend, but also the woman. Flirt with it, smile more often, you look in the face and confusedly you look away. It has to be unostentatious that he noticed a hint and understood the feelings.

6. Organize an appointment. For a start it is possible not to report to it that your meeting ordinary in appearance carries romantic implication. Suggest to walk late at night, sit up late and here he already takes you home near the moon. Ask for him a jacket if you freeze. At farewell you do not hurry to leave, longer usual you look to it in the face. If your efforts woke in it reciprocal feelings, he will kiss you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team