How to treat relatives

How to treat relatives

Not all and not always manage to construct good relationship with relatives. The complexity of characters, collision of generations, emotional meltdowns lead to constant scandals and reproaches in family. And it, it is necessary to tell, adversely influences the atmosphere in general. That to avoid it, it is necessary to build up a certain scheme of behavior and the relationship to relatives.


1. First of all remember that your relatives are the closest for you people. And let your opinions and outlooks on life sometimes do not coincide, nevertheless, you have to understand that will not be closer than these people at you. And in general, people with whom you communicate, not important whether it be relatives, your friends or just familiar, are not obliged to think and argue as you. Just accept their such what they are.

2. It is senseless to take offense at the family. Kind of your offense and rejection did not last long, all of them equally from you will not get to anywhere. Therefore instead of fomenting the conflict, to maintain pauses or to raise in itself offense, spend better the energy for settlement of misunderstanding, innuendo and mutual reproaches in family.

3. Do not compete with the relatives and do not try to be better. Remember that you such - what you are, not better and not worse them. So you will feel much more freely. And if someone from your relatives tries to do it, then just do not pay attention to it. Over time he will just be tired to be engaged in it, seeing your indifference and indifference in this ridiculous competition.

4. If you are dissatisfied with something or something is not pleasant to you, it is not necessary to be silent about it. Thus you will not avoid the conflict, and on the contrary, having saved up everything in yourself, once will explode as a bomb. Be not afraid to express the opinion or discontent. It is absolutely natural and always causes respect (be only not overzealous). But you seek to do it always in a benevolent form, trying not to offend at the same time the family.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team