How to treat the ex-wife of the husband

How to treat the ex-wife of the husband

You have a great family, wonderful relatives and the loving husband. Here only one annoying circumstance prevents you to feel happy. It is an ex-wife of your darling. To completely ignore her or to try to improve the normal relations with this woman – to solve to you. Anyway it is necessary is respectful to the past of your husband and understanding.


1. Stop asking the husband on his last family life. It is not necessary to extort all details, and then to suffer from jealousy. Constant comparisons of with it will not lead to anything good. It is not necessary to drive itself into complexes and to cultivate feeling of own inferiority. Even if the first wife is a beauty queen with the Oxford education, he as a result lives with you, but not with her.

2. Stop any trying to express negatively at the husband to his former. If the person loved by you chose it in the companion and some period of time, so it not such and the Fury lived with it. Perhaps, he told you about its terrible character and repulsive habits to make to you pleasant. Remember, he can speak about being somehow badly. But you should not follow an example of him. Be generous. Your husband will estimate it.

3. Do not try to find out how the ex-wife what friends at it, do not look for it on social networks looked and do not rummage in family archives in search of photos. If your husband closed a door in the past and does not want to share memories about it, so it has on that reasons.

4. Stop all attempts of the ex-wife to offend you, to quarrel with the husband or his family or to call you on "a serious conversation". If she calls with insults, hang up a receiver. If tries to meet you on the street, you pass by. Sooner or later to it will bother to provoke you.

5. Do not try to resemble the ex-wife of your darling. Even if your husband several times mentioned how he likes the women owning methods of self-defense as his previous wife, is yet not an occasion to run in aikido section. You like men in a military uniform too. But it does not prevent you to love the middle manager in office suit.

6. Do not allow the former competitor to manipulate your husband. If she tries to cause in him sense of guilt, do not stand aside. Explain to the husband that his ex-wife already adultof girl and has to cope with the problems. And if she is not able to do it, that time to learn.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team