How to treat the mother-in-law

How to treat the mother-in-law

The relations of the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law are a subject inexhaustible. Someone stands neuter, and at someone in family open "military operations". However it is necessary to remember that communication with the mother-in-law directly influences family life of young people. Not to complicate the relation with the husband, follow some rules, communicating with his mother.


1. You keep quietly and friendly. It is not necessary to try to be pleasant to the mother-in-law at once and to become her the daughter. There will be enough equal and valid communication.

2. The easiest way to keep the good or neutral relations is to live separately. So you will remove the majority of the most burning issues and everyday issues. You should not adapt to others rhythm of life and to feel like the constant guest in the house. Besides two hostesses in one kitchen seldom manage to get on.

3. Try not to resort to the help to the mother-in-law once again. If you cannot do without its support yet, then be going to suffer with firmness all councils and intervention in your life. But before becoming angry and challenging its critical remarks, think whether everything will be more simply quiet to listen, and then to make as you find necessary.

4. Pay attention to the mother-in-law: do not forget to congratulate her on holidays and you present gifts. It is not obligatory to spend big money for purchase of a gift at all, useful purchases and lovely female things will come in handy. Accept gifts from the mother-in-law with gratitude even if they are not pleasant to you at all. Then you can move away them in a far corner or even to throw out, but do not complicate the relation the discontent.

5. Be correct and do not say too much, otherwise during the quarrel this information can be used against you. Do not complain and do not abuse the husband at the mother-in-law. She is after all his mother and in most cases will accept its party. Be more cunning and more flexible. But also you should not extol the spouse from scratch too.

6. Do not tune yourself from the very beginning into opposition with the mother-in-law. Quite perhaps, she will be very pleasant woman. If you show a step and respect and will build up the correct relationship, then over time, maybe, will even become with it girlfriends.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team