How to treat the pregnant wife

How to treat the pregnant wife

Nine months of pregnancy of the woman are a special period not only for it, but also for her close people. Time this happy, joyful, all prepare for appearance of the child on light. But happen during this period and troubles, stresses and problems with health of the pregnant woman. The husband has to support and sponsor the wife, to be gentle and tender.


1. Your wife is responsible for two lives now, you have to be for her a reliable support and the assistant in any business. Undertake a part of obligations of the beloved for the house. Do not allow the wife to carry weights, it threatens with an abortion. Buy products according to the list which the spouse will give you.

2. Late pregnancy is especially dangerous. You should most wash the floors and to be engaged in hanging out wet linen. Consult to the doctor who observes your wife, ask that it is authorized to her and it is recommended and that is strictly forbidden. You watch how the pregnant woman follows instructions of physicians, the woman in communication by instability of mood these months can be capricious and refuse to watch over the health.

3. The girl "in situation" is especially sensitive to all fine and romantic. You give her flowers every day, buy lovely knickknacks. Give joint parties of rest with healthy healthy food, walks in the fresh air and viewing the new movie on a convenient sofa.

4. Some women during this period are dissatisfied with excessive guardianship, others complain of a lack of attention. In this question be guided by the spouse, the uniform recommendation cannot be given. The mood of the pregnant woman can change several times in a minute.

5. Pay attention and to future child. Put a hand on a convex tummy of the wife more often and you tell something tender to the kid. Physicians proved for a long time that the baby hears a voice and feels touches of the father. Jeunet will be incredibly pleasantly your attention and care of her and your child.

6. Please the wife with compliments, pregnant women feel not really surely and are afraid of competitors. Be not late at work and do not give any reasons for jealousy. Hormonal changes in an organism of the woman can lead to the hardest depression and a stress if she suspects treason and treachery of you.

7. Sex with the pregnant wife will bring only benefit if there are no special instructions from the attending physician. The woman will feel much more surely if you keep a rhythm of sexual life and will not be tired to whisper darling as far as she is fine and desired.

8. Do not give in on provocations and the wife's hysterics, you do not become angry. Better quietly and tenderly dispel all her fears and fears. Be logical and reasonable, you speak with the spouse with confidence and do not increase tone.

9. Whether darling cries or hysterical laughs, anyway embrace her gently and tell how you love it. If at night the wife wakes you and will ask to bring smoked fish cake or pineapple with pickle, run to shop and buy just in case strawberry and a chicken grill.

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