How to try to obtain success from guys

How to try to obtain success from guys

It is considered to be that guys always have to try to obtain girls that it is put in them by the nature. However you should not forget the words of the popular song that on ten little girls statistically nine children. To try to obtain success from guys, it is necessary to make some efforts.

1. You watch the appearance. A little just to be beautiful, well-groomed and well dressed. All guys, as well as their tastes different. Do not put on so that were afraid to approach you. Not everyone can, having seen for the first time the girl, at once to start talking to her, however it does not mean that the guy the loser.

2. Be natural. Behave as it is pleasant to you, and invent nothing. The guy will pay attention to you such by what you were presented to it. Do not hide under "mask".

3. Try to be womanly, but independent. Learn to understand where it is necessary to concede to the guy and where it is better to defend the opinion. Someone likes strong girls, to someone on the contrary. Try to find yourself and to understand what number of girls you treat, and you will be able to make success at guys.

4. Be available, positive and open for communication. Be not afraid of the first to greet or start talking on some subject. Remember that, constantly surrounding itself with girlfriends and friends, you alienate yourself from unfamiliar guys.

5. Do not show off. As guys are afraid and do not like to lose, do not do of yourself unapproachable fortress. Quite perhaps, they will think that they will not be interesting to you, and thus you, all beautiful, will remain one, without understanding in what, actually, business.

6. Show that in you there are some riddle, a highlight. Men love when there is something untold and mysterious when not everything lies on a surface. Show the erudition. It is remarkable when at communication there is life and it does not remind a monologue with ridiculous pauses. Leave something not told to the next meeting, and guys will look for a pretext to meet you again and again.

7. Be attentive and show interest in the interlocutors. You watch the standard of speech. Get rid of addictions, not only non-smoking guys, but also most of the men subject to this addiction are negative to the smoking girls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team