How to try to persuade parents

How to try to persuade parents

Parents and children - very different categories of people. Therefore often it happens so that the interests of parents and children do not coincide. The child wants something, and parents do not agree. How to do in such situation right thing? How to achieve the objective?

1. First of all, to behave. It is clear, that nerves already on a limit, apparently, that parents just were reluctant, and there is a wish to break and be rude. It cannot be done! It is better to cajole, on the contrary, parents, "to make up". Mother, for certain, will get to the core of this cunning, but her loving heart will not resist.

2. Well comparison works. Give an example that friends have for a long time fact what you want to have too that you do not want to be worse than others. What parents will want that their child looked "black sheep".

3. It is possible to persuade mother and the father to agree if to convince them that it is even favorable to it to buy you what you ask. Or to grant permission for a trip. To find powerful arguments, mentally put yourself to the place of parents and think what arguments it is possible to try to persuade them.

4. If earlier, the promises made to parents were always kept, then offer in exchange for their consent, to make something. For example, to raise estimates or to help about the house. It is clear, that the promise should be kept, differently another time parents just will not believe.

5. To try to persuade parents to resolve to be late on a visit, to go hiking with spending the night, to remain to spend the night with the girlfriend or the friend, find someone who will be able to be charged for you. It has to be the responsible person to whom parents trust.

6. And, finally, if at once nothing is impossible, then patience – the key to success. Look for a weak point at parents, make new attempts when they have a good mood. Chances to persuade mother and the father considerably will increase. And good luck will smile!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team