How to turn off the person

How to turn off the person

Lyubov is beautiful when feelings are mutual. Otherwise she turns into tortures both for one and for the second partner. Sometimes the inclination to other person becomes pathological. Then it is necessary to turn off in any ways it from an adoration subject, to direct to emotion to something else.


1. If the person did not lose yet ability to think soberly, try to bring him to straight talk. Organize a meeting in cafe or restaurant. Presence of strangers will force the lover to behave, not to show too obviously emotion. Try to explain quietly to the unsuccessful candidate for partners why you cannot reciprocate the his feelings. Tell about own feelings. Let know what except the friendly relations you can connect nothing. Do not make advances at all and do not flirt with the opponent. Otherwise he will not take seriously your request. Present that you at a working meeting. You speak chilly, accurately state thoughts.

2. Do not row to the unlucky candidate for partners. Strong, even negative, emotions, will lead to aggravation of all feelings. Talk quietly, constantly emphasizing that you not steam and reciprocal love will never arise. Ask relatives and friends to help you. If words about impossibility of the relations sound not only from your lips, but also to be told by all people around, it will help the lover to understand that communications it will not be valid.

3. Change behavior. If earlier you liked to spend evenings at home with the book, become the inveterate party-goer. If could not live without clubs - give preference to quiet outdoor recreation and visit of the museums. Change hair color and clothes style. Make everything to become as it is possible further from an ideal pathologically in love.

4. If it was not succeeded to convince the person of lack of mutual feelings, be gone from his life. Only the complete separation of the relations, at least for half a year-year, is capable to cure pathological love. Do not answer the phone calls and SMS messages. Stop to visit institutions known to both of you. Ask mutual friends to mention at an opportunity that you moved. If the lover knows, where do you live, it is necessary to replace the residence really for a while. Move to parents, the girlfriend or be sent on long leave.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team