How to understand behavior of the girl

How to understand behavior of the girl

Some guys face a problem which nonpluses them: how to understand behavior of the girl, especially if she very much is pleasant to the young man. There are signs on which it is possible to guess whether the girl shows interest in the young man or it is indifferent for her at all.


1. If the girl allocates with something you from a great number of other guys if her behavior changes at your presence - it is a sure sign of the fact that you to her are not indifferent. Consider that this change can be absolutely unclear, illogical in terms of the stronger sex too. For example, the girl suddenly burst out laughing though it seems in her company did not speak about anything especially ridiculous. Or, on the contrary, faltered, late with the answer to the simplest question. It means that your emergence in the field of her sight caused emotions, it got agitated.

2. When the girl, talking to you or just looking at you, kind of accidentally smartens up, for example, corrects a hairstyle, strokes a tip of a curl or passes it between fingers, it means that you definitely interest her. She wants to appear before you in the best look.

3. Also from its party will tell such behavior about interest: if the girl, for example, sitting at a table in cafe, as if accidentally accepts a pose, emphasizing all advantages of the figure. For example, having leaned back on a chair back, crosses the legs or turns sideways to you.

4. At a conversation the girl looks almost all the time to you in the face? It is good sign. Be sure: if you were indifferent for it, especially are unpleasant, she would not act this way! Well, and if in this look still confusion, warmth, only extremely dull or timid guy does not guess that it means!

5. If the girl has a strained, stiffened person, slightly lips considerably shake if it was washed obviously somewhere very far, almost for certain something strongly upset her. The guy should strain imagination and memory, having tried to understand: in what the reason whether he made any tactlessness, whether offended the girl. If this is soIf this is soIf this is so, it is necessary to smooth down the oversight as soon as possible. Otherwise business can reach a large quarrel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team