How to understand female logic?

How to understand female logic?

Myths and jokes about logic of women enjoy wide popularity. Men consider that women have a special type of thinking which does not consider the standard rules of logic at all and is based only on emotions. It is worth noticing at once that conclusions are in no way not proved and made by men.

How to understand female logic?

Initially it is worth understanding why thoughts and conclusions differ at of both sexes. First, women at any situation begin to scroll several options of succession of events in the head that can lead to a certain confusion. Secondly, all people can draw the wrong conclusions including women. Thirdly, often move girls emotions which lead to different negative consequences. As a result there is an impression that people simply speak different languages.

There are several secrets which will allow to understand how to understand logic of the girl. It is worth beginning with recognition that such concept does not exist also it only at all justifications of many men who simply do not want to understand character and behavior of the companion.

Arguments which will help to find out how to understand logic of women:

  1. Thinking of the woman mnogomerno and she always means something concrete, but not abstract.
  2. It is important to consider that in any dispute or dialogue of the representative of a fine half of mankind statements as men do not prove, and just hold the ground.
  3. At many force of arguments consists not in their quality, and in quantity. Many ladies in the middle of a conversation can already forget the reason of the arisen misunderstanding and just work for result where her correctness will be accepted.
  4. The woman can not only disprove, but also at all reject any opinions, including their senseless.
  5. The important remark – thinking of women has a direct connection with the total purpose.

Finally there is a wish to notice that often women cannot explain to the logician of the girlfriends or even own decisions therefore for men such task quite often and remains impossible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team