How to understand his thoughts

How to understand his thoughts

We, women often ask the halves what they think of. And what in reply? Yes anything. So they will also tell us what they think of. The most resourceful say: "about you, darling, about that as to me with you was lucky!" It is pleasant of course. But they thought definitely not of it. Hollywood released the movie "What Men Speak About" recently. It was necessary to shoot the film: "Of what men think?" But while Hollywood gathers, ourselves should get to the bottom of men's thoughts.

It is required to you

  • trained eye, sharp mind, all your intuition, grants and training courses on physiognomics, gesticulation and parapsychological abilities.


1. For a start look at your blessed attentively. Sometimes everything on a face is written.

2. Ask a question directly. If he thinks of something simple and legal (i.e. about what it is possible to tell you), quite perhaps, you will hear the honest and developed answer. Only it is not necessary to stick with inquiries during viewing sports and news channels.

3. Outline to yourself a focus of interest and problems which can occupy it at this moment. Most likely, his thoughts float somewhere there. Try to find out it by means of leading questions. If in your couple healthy and on the present trusting relationship, then, as a rule, the man to share experiences with the darling.

4. If after all did not share intimate reflections with you, you pass to the physiognomics method. Often involuntary gestures and a mimicry give secret thoughts of the owner.

5. Connect all the intuition to action. At women it is strongly developed. Try it will be adjusted on its wave and ask yourself questions. The first involuntary answer which arose in your head, most often correct.

6. If all of you cannot equally get into thoughts of your darling, try to talk to him at night when he falls asleep. Some men with excitable nervous system are capable to talk and answer reasonably all questions during sleep. He will not even remember this conversation then.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team