How to understand how treat you

How to understand how treat you

The person – a being social, cannot be in loneliness. Since the birth we want that we were loved. We look for approvals of people around, to us it is important that think of us and what impression we make. How to understand how people treat us?


1. It is quite simple to understand the relation of other people for the observant person. Really, it is worth taking a closer look and listening to people around.

2. The person calling himself the friend calls only when your help is necessary, and then again disappears for indefinite time? It is unlikely it is possible to call it true friendship.

3. Someone dismisses rumors behind your back, and in eyes flatters and with captation smiles? It is obvious that you should not trust such "friend".

4. But if someone comes to the rescue of you on the first call, is always honest and open, does not say too much, shares the experiences and thoughts – probably, it also is the true friend. It is possible to tell that it is worth trusting the one who does not use in vain words lightly, looks fool in the face, does not try to hide something and does not disappear without explanations.

5. It is simple to understand other people. It is necessary to be a little more attentive and to pay attention to trifles. The bad relation is given by words, acts of the person, a look, the hidden emotions. The observation will help you to understand how other people treat you. But first of all, it is necessary to remember the golden rule – you treat other people as you want them to treat you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team