How to understand its feelings

How to understand its feelings

As a rule, women very thinly have sympathy for themselves from men. However there are also women with not too developed intuition, and quite reserved men. In this case, to define whether you are pleasant to the man, try to observe from the different parties his behavior at your presence.


1. Pay attention to its gestures. Words can express any lie, and here gestures, most often, cannot be forged. The loving person will not begin to turn to you a back, on the contrary, he will listen to your words, having turned in your party.

2. If the man stoops a little and slightly bends down to you at a conversation, then for certain he is interested in you. Also you watch how he sits during the conversation – if his shoulders are slightly developed in your party, it speaks about his interest too.

3. See to whether he begins to repeat your actions. For example, you got into a handbag behind phone – and it immediately gets the of a pocket. It is one more sign of his enthusiasm. And here if he crosses hands on a breast, then it is the sign of closeness for the interlocutor.

4. Observe his look. If during the conversation the man tries to hold your look or, on the contrary, too quickly looks away, for certain he to you is not indifferent.

5. Listen to what is told by the man and as he tells it. If the person to you is not indifferent, then in his speech the small nervousness will be felt for certain. Besides, the man to whom you are pleasant for certain will tell much about himself – he wishes to prove to be in the best possible light. By the way, it is considered that if at acquaintance it seems to the person that he already somewhere saw you, it means that you were pleasant to it.

6. You monitor its touches. If your relations are already rather confidential, then at a conversation the man can, kind of accidentally, to touch your hand and will not begin to draw aside it, or will touch accidentally with the leg your leg and will not begin to move away her. All this signals about his sympathy for you.

7. See to how he communicates with other girls at your presence. Often men like to poflirtovat with girlfriends of the girl who is pleasant to them. At the same time the man will constantly glance at you to understand your reaction to his such actions.

8. You watch as far as in what you are interested is interesting to the man. If you to him are nice, he surely will begin to ask you on your interests and to find some general subjects for a talk.

9. To track down the young man in love sometimes happens rather difficult. But if you suspected someone of feelings to you – that he is subject to the most careful check on sincerity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team