How to understand its feelings to me

How to understand its feelings to me

You have a guy. You love him. He loves you too. It would seem, everything is remarkable, you have fine relations having certain prospects of development. And suddenly, once you are visited by a disturbing thought: and whether really he loves you? Without wishing that, all of you are more often tormented with doubts in sincerity of its feelings. So far, at last, you hesitate to check it. Some girls resort to very doubtful and risky ways of check of the guy that often leads to break in relations. However there are also more sparing ways of check of feelings.

It is required to you

  • Female wisdom, observation and expert opinion of the uninterested person.


1. To understand whether your guy loves you, you should not arrange it checks. Observe his behavior in various situations better. If he often embraces you, likes to kiss, constantly sends sms with love recognitions, is interested in your life, then you can be sure that he has to you strong feelings.

2. It is worth estimating gravity of its intentions further. When the man is ready for serious development of the relations, he will surely acquaint the darling with the parents. So one more plus in favor of his sincerity if you already got acquainted with his mother.

3. One more step which you can make, for disposal of doubts - to learn the opinion of the person, important for you. Whether there will be it mother or the sister, or perhaps the best friend - is not important at all. The main thing for you is to hear opinion from outside. You should not expect that the girlfriend will draw to you the exact conclusion, he loves you or not. But the onlooker sees most of the game attitude towards the person. And if your guy behaves in relation to you not really decently, she will notice it and will surely let you know.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team